Stay in MA is a scholarship program for Massachusetts-based college students funded by Flybridge Capital Partners. The program is focused on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation between students and the local business community by providing financial assistance to students interested in joining or attending the events of technology and business organizations in the region. Scholarships are available for any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate full-time student up to $100 per event per student.

Stay in MA is supported by Gunderson Dettmer

What’s students are saying about the program

“I just want to drop you a quick note to say thanks for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity today to attend the Massachusetts Conference of Women. Both the speakers and the attendees were truly inspirational. I am very lucky to have attended and it was all thanks to Stay in MA!” – Simmons Student

“The conference was great!  I met some very interesting women there, and I thought the panels and talks offered useful insights.  Thank you so much for letting me attend; it was definitely something I wouldn’t have attended without the support of the Stay in MA program.  I’m grateful that you made it possible!” – MIT student

“Thank you so much for the scholarship!  You just saved me a week of mac and cheese!” – Suffolk student

“I wanted to thank you and Flybridge Capital for the opportunity to attend the conference.  It was a fantastic event and will be extremely helpful for both my thesis and my career.” – MIT student